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By using, the new digital media channels, social networks and new communications techniques, communications experts have the biggest impact on the general public and network or people present in different social networks. Mana Payam can provide efficient social network marketing campaigns. No matter how small or big your campaign and who your target groups are, we can deliver your message to your target audiences.

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As a cost effective and accessible tool, digital and social media has transformed the way we interact and communicate in today’s world. When it comes to strategic and measured marketing communications steps, using these tools effectively however, may not be so intuitive. Mana Payam assist its clients to better find their ways in this large communication landscape using appropriate techniques and ideas to better reach the ever growing audiences of the great digital community.

As a technique, Guerilla Marketing has to be innovative, unconventional and low-cost and although not very common as a chosen marketing technique in Iran, it has a potential to give a large and memorable exposure to a brand, product or an idea.
At Mana Payam, we are eager to persuade projects of this kind and to challenge our urban environment with functional and suitable ideas to give the Iranian audiences/citizens a different flavor in marketing.

Let us look at some numbers:
18% of TV ads generate positive return-on-investment.
14% of viewers trust ads.
69% are interested in ad blocking technologies.
91% are likely to make a purchase on recommendation.
10% of people influence the purchasing of the other 90%.
92% prefer word-of-mouth recommendations.

Advertisements and promotions have their place, but in many cases, instead of spending millions, finding the important people in social networks that have influence over people around them, and convincing them to use or adopt your products or services is more effective. Mana Payam can help in designing and disseminating a word-of-mouth campaign to this effect.

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