Our Team

We are a growing and talented group of creative individuals working together to meet our Clients’ challenges. As a team we believe in getting to know our clients' businesses and brands thoroughly in order to help with the best of our expertise and knowledge.

Arash Vafadari

– Founder, Chairman of the Board

Coming from an engineering background, Arash moved to PR consulting following completion of three graduate programs of Management, Marketing, and Public Relations at McGill University, Canada. After serving clients such as Nortell Networks, and Promis Non-profit in Canada, Arash relocated to Iran to fill the void in the communications industry and started ManaPayam Public Relations. Arash served the company as Chief Executive Officer until mid 2017, and now as Chairman, he focuses on paving the way for Mana Payam’s growth and into new prospective markets and relations.

Yalda Farivar Sadri

– Partner

With a master's degree in communications and extensive hands-on experience in Iran, Yalda has been working in various positions at Mana Payam since its inception. She also led the company as CEO from 2017 to 2019. Today she serves as a senior consultant and communications strategist on some of Mana Payam’s projects. Before Mana Payam, Yalda was a project manager and analyst in one of Iran’s prominent marketing research firms, as well as teaching several related courses at various learning centers in Iran.

Aida Aboutorabi


A Ph.D. candidate in Communications and Culture, Aida comes from a background in journalism with several years of media studies and reporting at several publications. Ever since joining Mana Payam in 2010 as a media relations consultant and a content strategist, she has been involved in numerous related campaigns for clients. She later served as Account Director and today she oversees all aspects of Mana Payam’s operations as Chief Executive Officer. She also teaches Communications and Public Relations in university as well.