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Media Relations is at the core of every strategic communications program. Our goal at Mana Payam is to support our clients’ corporate and product communications needs in all of their key markets through creating and maintaining strong presence in the news media.

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If we ask ourselves every day, ‘why should consumers buy our product and not our competitors’?’ then we should also be asking ourselves “why should our audience follow our news and instead of our competitors”.
The economy of the press imposes some limits and restrictions on the publication of commercial news, articles and reports. What works in this situation is how to write the news and the articles and when and where to publish them. This is our specialist skill.
Mana Payam’s specialist team are experts at preparing news material, constructing and writing news articles and can advise the clients on the best release time and choice of publication.

Sending out press release and waiting on the media to pick up your news is not always enough. Sometimes you want to cut through the clutter and have the press to come to you instead, getting some face-to-face communications with the press and allow them to ask questions. Mana Payam plans your press conferences and tours, invites the related media and takes care of producing the material such as the media kits, panel presentations, and speech preparations.

No matter what the occasion, from media interviews and “Q&A”s to an annual shareholders’ meeting, we can help you with a wide range of solutions from helping you to prepare your speech, identifying key messages and their strategic placement, to training your speakers to stay on message.

It is enough to go to the Internet and google your brand’s name to find out how important media monitoring is. Thousands of press releases and articles are being published every day throughout media. Some work to your advantage and some don’t. Some put you in trouble, and some don’t. Without any doubt, every reaction requires your awareness of the news stream. Advance techniques of media monitoring, content analyzing and designing a strategic reaction onside are part of the daily routine of what we do.

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