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One of the main differences between marketing and communication campaigns is their approach to the target audiences. In marketing firms, target audiences are the customers, but in communication firms they are the general public. Marketing Communications is a set of PR activities in order to reach the target audiences as the customers and consumers or let us say the end-users.
At Mana Payam we have the knowledge and all the experience about marketing communication campaigns as one of our key expertise which we offer to our clients. They include media relations, event managements, etc., that are designed through an integrated approach.
We believe that marketing communication campaigns are one of the best tools to facilitate the achievement of marketing objectives. These campaigns help to develop new markets and sales opportunity and can help to be a reliable source for information. These cannot be achieved unless PR firms are involved to raise awareness and gain public trust.

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At Mana Payam, we help our clients build a successful integrated marketing strategy, bringing public relations, advertising, online and social media, and other communications elements under one umbrella, making all communications consistent.

Uninterrupted and constant relationship with the target audiences and customers needs careful research and monitoring of their media behaviors and habits. For doing this, the old and classic approach in using media is no longer effective and instead it requires modern skills in using and knowing about all the relevant new media platforms.
By applying up-to-date digital and online media science, we have designed some integrated communication campaigns in the social and digital sphere that were remarkably successful. We believe that these successes came from integration and knowledge of digital and online marketing.

Mana Payam has the skill and experience to prepare you for quality product launch campaigns and convey key messages about your product or service. We will take care of the launch of your new product or service by utilizing all communications principles, from product specs and brochures to advertizing and media relations, in a planned and cohesive campaign.

Do you know what things your customers are sensitive about when it comes to choosing a product or a service? Do you know how important your brand’s name is for your customers? Do they shift to other brands when you do not have enough coverage?
Loyalty campaigns and customers retention need constant and integrated communications plans, which Mana Payam has had remarkable experiences in.
The complexity of these campaigns rises from target audience’s awareness. In fact they know whatever they must know about our brand and they have general insight about it, so if we want to inspire their loyalty we must influence their mindset and attitude. It is what Mana Payam has been successful with.

In recent years, sponsorship has grown so much it can be referred to as an industry. Regardless of how big the turn over and investments are, we do not forget that these promotional activities must always come with profitability and interest for both sides. In this regard we can say that sponsorship is a strategic activity for a brand and it requires careful planning and execution.
To design and execute result oriented sponsorship you must know communication techniques and BTL tactics and tools.
As part of its communication campaigns, through BTL and ATL planning and marketing communication plans, Mana Payam can design and execute sponsorship programs based on a result-oriented approach.

While many believe that planning events should be left to event planners, PR firms can bring additional elements to an event. Events are rather rare opportunities for organizations for having face-to-face contact with their consumers, and we at Mana Payam believe it is of importance for our clients to use this window to enforce their messages. Whether it is a simple speaking engagement or a major tradeshow, we can plan and execute the event while identifying openings to deliver the right messages to your audience.

We believe that fundraising is an interactive and a win-win relationship between donor and fundraiser, and how to create such relationships between the organizations and their sponsors is our proficiency.
We have managed to collect money and supports for some non-governmental and non-profit organizations by applying communication techniques and creating constant communication.
In some cases we had to revise and re-adopt communications or organization’s strategy in order to create the best and the most efficient interactive relationship between donor and fundraisers.

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