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We consider “reputation” to be an organization’s most valuable asset and the foundation for any long term successful business performance. This is why we nurture and protect organization’s reputation by allowing them to integrate disparate messaging to articulate vision into the market place by providing them with feasible and logical communication solutions.

We are specialized in developing successful strategic communication plans for a varied range of businesses and corporations active within the Iranian business framework or for those new to the Iranian corporate landscape.

Our council will help clients to introduce and maintain reputation, corporate identities, and effective communication and public relations activities of all levels.

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It is through solid strategic communications that organizations can integrate disparate messaging efforts to deliver a coherent and articulate vision into the marketplace. At Mana Payam we work with our clients to plan and deliver communications that have the consistency to reinforce their organizational message and brand.

Just as companies and organizations need outward public communications, Mana Payam understands internal communication needs as well. We council companies on effective ways of communicating with their employees, board members, partners, vendors and clients on issues ranging from organization values, financial news, bankruptcy, new business deals and crisis works.

Today, a vital activity of every organization, private or public, is to keep its current investors reassured while attracting new ones at the same time. Whether it is the end-of-year annual shareholder meeting or a quarterly performance report, communication with shareholders has to be strategic, cohesive and in line with corporate identity.
Mana Payam can help your organization in managing shareholder meetings and providing appropriate content to your shareholders.

Got Milk? If you are familiar with this campaign, then you know that it is one of the best examples of trade communications. “Got Milk?” was a clear example of competitors getting together to find a solution to a problem that belonged to the trade.
On many occasions, companies need to develop strategic communications with their respective trades or even with their competitors. Whether it is to strength ties with members of the trade or preventing suppliers from drawing incorrect conclusions from any news about you, Mana Payam is there to help in developing the proper strategies to deal with these issues.

Building local community relations can be a vital method to generate not only goodwill and a sense of well being within a community of people but also to develop and promote an organization’s image in a positive and community-oriented way. Mana Payam’s community relations specialists develop the most creative and friendly methods so you can incorporate your organizations into the community and generate positive engagement with your target group.

Unanticipated difficulties loom in the marketplace. Rumors, product recalls, litigation, trade and labor disputes, environmental problems, warranty and product liability claims strike every kind of business and industry. Effective communication and reputation management are what help in preventing issues from turning into crises, and in case they do, they spell the difference between defeat and survival.

By integrating economic, social, and environmental imperatives of their activities, companies become more innovative, productive, and competitive through improving operational efficiency, risk management, access to capital, and strong relationships with communities and employee relations. Finding innovative and proactive solutions to new social and environmental challenges, improves an organization’s reputation and brand image.
The challenges and issues important to people, are different in every society and culture. Mana payam can help organizations get involved in appropriate CSR activities based on their objectives, ideals and goal.

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