Content Curation


As more and more brands and companies today are shifting towards “Social Storytelling” and “public interaction” and gradually moving away from the traditional methods of marketing such as direct advertising, the value and importance of generating proper, relevant and consistent content is proven essential. Good content allows brands and companies to be able to maintain the right presence in both, social networks and new newsfeeds and is also the intelligent way to communicate with customers and communities involved.
At Mana Payam we can enhance your content strategy, developing consistent material and ongoing valuable information content for your businesses based on your goals and marketing needs. We also consult you on the right available channels so you can make the most of your content and better reach your objectives through them.

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Whether for a brochure, website, newsletter or newspaper article, developing and applying the right content is a sensitive and ultimately a professional task. By analyzing your organization’s identity and objectives we can present you with a better grasp of your position within your industry, to identify your competitors and to advise and assist you on creating the content that works.

As an essential marketing communications technique, good Content Marketing allows you to create and distribute relevant and valuable content to attract, maintain and engage a defined target audience in order to drive positive customer action.
At Mana Payam we assist our clients to develop, perfect and channel their strategic messaging and link building based on their goals and according to social values and tendencies of the market they aim to communicate with.

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