Brand Development

Brand development is a communications activity; in this regard, a brand is not what we, as brand owners, say it is. A brand is what consumers refer to as brand. In other words, a brand is a sense or a feeling about an organization, product or service which the target audiences keep in their mind.
Changing this sense and feeling or what target audiences express about our brand is not marketing or advertising departments’ tasks, in fact, it is the job of communications and PR firms to get involved and take part, because adopting an integrated and a general approach about communication and delivery of An organization’s message is crucial and it is what PR firms are specialized to do.
Mana Payam plans and applies a variety of ways and methods as well as using classical communication methods to successfully develop a brand’s image.

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Mana Payam can help in strengthening brands. A corporate brand is one of the most valuable assets of a company. All stakeholders of an organization connect to the brand in relationships that should ideally drive growth. We work with our clients to build communications programs that bring out the desired results from a corporate branding initiative.
Our approach enables us to create strategic, integrated programs for leading and growing brands.

Building up a strong and lasting brand image is not possible without access to the adequate knowledge and techniques. In other words, in order to create a strong brand we need to achieve its DNA and to be able to do this, defining the brand’s strategy and values are fundamental.
At Mana Payam we have a strategic approach towards developing a brand for our clients. We believe that having a strong and lasting brand requires more that just knowledge of branding, and it must rather be defined through strategy and value creation by using and understanding the fundamental communications tools and techniques.

Brand Identity is the first and the most important criterion when it comes to people reacting and judging a brand.
Designing and defining a brand’s identity may seem an easy task, but in fact, it requires knowledge and a firm grasp on the techniques and strategies of communications in order to create an effective brand.
Based on the strategies and values, Mana Payam specifies the brand’s touch points and in the light of it, designs the adequate identity for it. We believe it is vital we thoroughly evaluate and examine the brand’s condition and its relation to the target audiences before work begins on planning and designing the relevant brand identity.

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